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Stabilisers jacks for levelling motorhomes – AUTOLIFT

Electric levelling system

Maximalize your comfort

XIMPLIO is proud to be the distributor of AUTOLIFT electric levelling systems from TESA. These high-tech systems, designed to level campervans and vans, are now available on our website for all lovers of campervan travel.

AUTOLIFT electric lifting jacks offer maximum comfort thanks to the control panel in the cockpit or the wireless remote control. Fully automatic levelling system is suitable for vehicles with or without frame extension. This support system is a cost-efficient alternative to heavy hydraulic support jacks. The internal control panel allows full management of all functions, while the synoptic LED panel provides clear indication of the vehicle’s tilt.

Compatibility and vehicle types

The system’s core feature is its universal, electrically adjustable footrests. To ensure optimal integration, vehicle-specific attachment kits are necessary. These kits include galvanised brackets that attach to the vehicle chassis and corresponding support leg attachment points. Separate mounting kits are available for purchase.

List of suitable adapters:

  • Fiat Ducato 230/244 (FAKS244, 465104, J2412)
  • Fiat Ducato 230/244 ALKO-Chassis (FAKS244A, 465105)
  • Fiat Ducato X250/290 to 2014 (FAKS250, 465102, J2403)
  • Fiat Ducato X250/290 AL-KO-Chassis (FAKS250A, 465103, J2406)
  • Fiat Ducato X290 from 2015 (FAKS250E6, 465113, J2411)
  • Fiat Ducato X290 AL-KO Chassis from 2015 (FAKS250AE6, 465112, J2416)
  • Mercedes Sprinter 316 from 2018 (FAKSMERC, 465110, J2402)
  • Ford Transit Euro4 (FAKSFOE4, 465106, J2415)
  • Ford Transit Euro6 from 2016 (FAKSFOE6, 465107, J2407)
  • Renault Master ab 2016 (FAKSREMA, 465109)
  • IVECO Daily ab 2000 (FAKSIVEC, 465108, J2414)
  • Universal (FAKSUN, 465111, J2401A)


When you purchase a TESA product, you will receive a complete kit for installation, including all product homologation documents.

If you are interested in our product and would like to buy it for your car buy it online.

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