Towbar extention

Towbar extention for bicycle carrier AHKVL200 / AHKVL250

Towbar extension is a solution thanks to which you will have free access to the car boot, you will be able to fully open the tailgate of the car or you can install a hook on the car with a spare wheel on the tailgate.

Przedłużka haka holowniczego do bagażników rowerowych

AHKVL - towbar extension for towbar mounted carriers

AHKVL is a product designed for car owners who experienced  difficulties in accessing the car trunk after mounting the platform on the bike or could not use such a platform due to the spare wheel on the tailgate.

The AHKVL hook extension is available in two lengths: 200 and 250 mm with three different clamping heads:

-with screw-on head without tilt function,

-with a screw-on head with a tilt function,

-with a quick-change head with tilt function and anti-theft protection.

AHKVL - towbar extension for towbar mounted carriers

AHKVL - uniwersalne przedłużenie haka holowniczego

The AHKVL is a reliable construction for all types of towbars and bicycle racks.

The AHKVL extension is dedicated to owners of vans, station wagons or cars with a spare wheel on the tailgate.

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