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Skid wheels from XIMPLIO – Robust protection for RV

Support castors bolted to the side of the chassis

Protection and accessibility

Looking for the perfect solution to secure your motorhome’s overhang or improving manoeuvrability on steep terrain? Look no further than our range of skid wheels designed specifically for motorhomes.

Multiple solutions

Short version:

Our low-profile skid wheels offer versatile mounting options, whether you prefer bottom or side assembly. Designed to protect your rear garage, bumper and exhaust, these wheels are a must for campers with long overhangs. They easily negotiate steep slopes and integrate seamlessly with most towing systems. With a remarkable load capacity of up to 400 kg per set, you can rest assured that your journey is safe.

Long version:

Introducing our long version skid wheels, meticulously crafted to provide optimum protection for your motorhome’s overhang. Mounted alongside your motorhome’s sturdy frame, these wheels are compatible with a wide range of carrier systems. Their robust design makes manoeuvring on steep slopes a breeze. With each set able to withstand up to 400 kg, you can set off on your holiday with confidence, knowing that your motorhome is equipped with reliable safety features.

Heavy Duty Skid Wheels:

For those seeking unparalleled durability, our Heavy-Duty Skid Wheels are the ultimate choice. Specifically designed to protect the rear garage, bumper, and exhaust of motorhomes with long overhangs, these wheels offer maximum protection. Mounted effortlessly to the side or underside of your motorhome frame, you can enjoy seamless navigation over challenging terrain. With an impressive load capacity of up to 800kg per set, these wheels are an invaluable addition to any holiday expedition. There are two types of these: long and short.

Whether you choose the short or long version, or prefer the heavy-duty option, our skid wheels ensure that the safety and manoeuvrability of your motorhome is never compromised. Invest in quality, embark on adventure with confidence and let nothing hold you back.

Multifunctionality and compatibility

Our skid wheels are the perfect addition to any motorhome, no matter the overhang. They provide excellent protection for your rear garage and make it easier to navigate steep inclines and declines. Our practical casters can be easily fitted to the side of your RV’s stable substructure, whether you have towbars, frame extensions, or rear carriers. They are incredibly versatile and can be fitted to most carrier systems, including:

  • ALKO
  • SMV-Metall

These castor rollers are an essential safety measure to prevent damage and unexpected incidents during your holiday trip. The brackets are easy to install and will provide peace of mind on your journey.

If you are interested in our product and would like to buy it for your car buy it online.

If you are our B2B customer and would like to work with us check our offer.

Towbar extention

Towbar extention for bicycle carrier AHKVL200 / AHKVL250

Towbar extension is a solution thanks to which you will have free access to the car boot, you will be able to fully open the tailgate of the car or you can install a hook on the car with a spare wheel on the tailgate.

Towbar extension types

AHKVL - towbar extension for towbar mounted carriers

AHKVL is a product designed for car owners who experienced  difficulties in accessing the car trunk after mounting the platform on the bike or could not use such a platform due to the spare wheel on the tailgate.

The AHKVL hook extension is available in two lengths: 200 and 250 mm with three different clamping heads:

• with screw-on head without tilt function,

• with a screw-on head with a tilt function,

• with a quick-change head with tilt function and anti-theft protection.

AHKVL - towbar extension for towbar mounted carriers

AHKVL - universal towbar extension

The AHKVL is a reliable construction for all types of towbars and bicycle racks.

The AHKVL extension is dedicated to owners of vans, station wagons or cars with a spare wheel on the tailgate.

If you are interested in this product and would like to install it in your vehicle, please visit our online store and place your order.
If you are a business customer and are interested in wholesale orders, please contact us via the contact form.

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